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What is GRIPWEB?

GRIPWEB is an innovative platform and tool for integrating and sharing risk information, designed to become the world's de-facto risk information source providing professional...

Risk Information at all Levels

A Global, Regional, National & Local Level Risk Information E-Library, with Disaster Risk Profiles, Hazard Risk Maps & Datasets, Documents & Publications, Databases...

Methodologies & Tools

A Comprehensive Catalogue of Methodologies, Procedures, Standards, Frameworks & Tools.

Online Community for DRR professionals

An Online Community of Risk Assessment Professionals & Practitioners to Share Their Knowledge & Experience, and Produce New DRR Concepts & Products

Services & Support Portal for Risk-related Issues

A Services & Support Portal to Facilitate the Dispatching of GRIP's Technical Support & Advisory on a Variety of Risk-Related Issues

Information for better Disaster Response

Access Country Information for Disaster Response as One-stop Shop

Develop E-libraries

Develop Your Own E-Library to Integrate your Risk-related Information

Develop E-libraries
Showcase your Achievements

Showcase Your Achievements in Risk Assessment & Risk-related Project Implementations

Create Baselines & Monitor Progress

Create Evidence-based Baselines for DRR Interventions. Monitor & Evaluate Your Progress in Risk Assessment

Create Baselines & Monitor Progress

The Countries + Risk Information portal is a one-stop shop to access risk- and risk assessment-related information by country. Navigate this portal through the below menus and the right map.

Countries + Risk Information Portal

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