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Disaster Databases

“The Disaster portal aims at providing valuable disaster loss information by facilitating centralized access to disaster loss databases worldwide. The disaster portal builds on DisDAT, which is the result of the collaboration between the Centre for research in Epidemiology of Disasters (CRED) and the Global Risk Identification Program (GRIP), with the financial support of United States Agency for International Development (USAID).”

Database Name Coverage Country
EM-DAT Global Global
Desinventar Database for Nepal National Nepal
Indonesian Disaster Information and Data (DIBI) National Indonesia
Calamidat Disaster Event Database of Philippines National Philippines
Desinventar Database for Sri Lanka National Sri Lanka
Damage and Needs Assessment system (DANA) of Vietnam National Vietnam
Disaster Incidence Database (DIDB) of Bangladesh National Bangladesh
SHELDUS (Spatial Hazard Event and Losses Database for the US) National United States
Carribbean Disaster Events Database Regional Barbados
Desinventar Database for Argentina National Argentina
Desinventar Database for Bolivia National Bolivia
Desinventar Database for Chile National Chile
Desinventar Database for Colombia National Colombia
Desinventar Database for Costa Rica National Costa Rica
Desinventar Database for Ecuador National Ecuador
Desinventar Database for El Salvador National El Salvador
Desinventar Database for Guatemala National Guatemala
Desinventar Database for Guyana National Guyana
Desinventar Database for Yemen National Yemen
Desinventar Database for Honduras National Honduras
Desinventar Database for Jamaica National Jamaica
Nicaragua historical database National Nicaragua
Desinventar Database for Panama National Panama
Morocco disaster database National Morocco
Egypt disaster database National Egypt
Peru disaster database National Peru
Timor Leste disaster database National Timor Leste
Trinidad and Tobago - Historic Inventory National Trinidad - Tobago
The Australian Emergency Management Knowledge Hub National Australia
Disasters inventory of Venezuela National Venezuela
Canadian Disaster Database National Canada
United States Storm and Hazard Database National United States
U.S. Natural Hazard Statistics National United States
Global Disaster Identifier Number (GLIDE) Global Global
University of Richmond: Disaster Database Project Global Global
National Disaster Loss Database of Mozambique National Mozambique
PERI Presidential Disaster Declaration database (US) National United States
SwissRe Sigma Global Switzerland
Swiss Re CatNet Global Switzerland
Andean Information System for Disaster Prevention and Relief (SIAPAD) Regional Global
Iran Disaster Database National Iran
National Disaster Loss Database of Laos National Laos
Jordan Disaster Database National Jordan
Maldives Disaster Database National Maldives
Solomon Islands Database National Solomon Islands
Mali disaster database National Mali
Mexico disaster database National Mexico
Dominican Republic disaster database National Dominican Republic
Mizoram disaster database Province / State India
NatCatSERVICE Global Global