While all children encounter the same issues as they grow up, some are lucky enough to have billionaire parents.

When they aren’t too busy with their companies, most of the richest people and most popular business moguls of the world also take on parenting jobs.

The children of the most affluent names have similar experiences with other kids. They attend school, embark on vacations, go on dates, and eventually have their own careers and children.

But, they can also go to secret schools, try expensive hobbies such as horseback riding, or lead their parents’ charity organizations. These experiences are far from ordinary, making their childhood different from the average.

Take a look at some of the rich, young, and famous children in today’s business world:

Maxima and August Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg, the young founder of Facebook, has two young and lovely daughters with his wife Priscilla. Maxima was born in 2015 while August came to the family in 2017. In December 2017, the tech giant decided to take off from his work to spend more time with his growing family. As a family man, Mark understands the struggles of parents and as a result, his company now allows parental leaves for both moms and dads of newborns.

Jake, Alyssa, and Alexis Cuban

Mark Cuban is a proud father to his three kids and they make sure that family time is always a fun time. They even embarked on a Disneyland vacation. Cuban admitted that getting his kids off their phones isn’t easy so he limited their Netflix time and implemented a technology curfew.

Xavier, Griffin, Kai, Saxon, and Damien Musk

Elon Musk, the pioneer of Tesla had six boys with Justine Wilson, his first wife. Nevada, their first child, died during infancy. With the help of in vitro fertilization, Elon and Justine had twins followed by trippers. It was in 2004 when Xavier and Griffin were born while Kai, Saxon, and Damien were born after two years.

Musk decided to enroll his five songs in an experimental and secretive school he established himself. There is not much information about Ad Astra, the Latin phrase that means “to the stars.” In 2010, Musk referred to his children as the love of his life. Musk also strives to spend more time with his kids in 2013.

Phoebe, Rory, and Jennifer Gates

Bill Gates and his wife Melinda have three kids, Jennifer, Phoebe, and Rory. Jennifer is their oldest child who attended Stanford University with a major in human biology. Apart from education, Jennifer also happens to be an accomplished horse rider and she even bagged the 2018 Lionel Guerrand-Hermès Trophy for horsemanship and sportsmanship.

Rory, the only son of the couple, is described by his mother as curious and compassionate, a proud feminist, and a puzzle lover.

The Gates family welcomed Phoebe on September 2002 and she lives with Bill and Melinda in Washington State.

Despite being a tech pioneer, Bill Gates didn’t allow his kids to own phones until they reach 14 years old.

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