What are Shopify and Woocomerce?

Online business is popular these days, and many business persons who are in this track often look for ways, strategies, and platforms in boosting their online moneymaker. Shopify and Woocomerce are two of the most known e-commerce platforms today. Both platforms marvel about their merits and features.

Your friend may be talking about these platforms, stock in choosing between these two, and wondering how it can help and guide you in your journey, let this be a quick guide for you to discover the strength and weakness of these two cities, and hopefully, you’ll be able to decide what to use. Features and disadvantages are listed below for more details.

Shopify vs. WooCommerce: A look at their features





This platform offers three different plans for its users for $29 per month This platform is entirely free, although you need to buy your hosting.
It comes with a free subdomain for all plans. It doesn’t include free domains – you need to avail yours.
Empowers you to add unlimited products to your store It brings support to an unlimited number of products.
It charges you with specific fees for all your payments. Payment fees will depend on the processors you decide to add.
It offers 24/7 support. The developers of Woocomerce offers support through a help desk.
It provides a dozen themes available for customizing the look and feel for your site. It offers dozens of free and premium themes.


Shopify vs. WooCommerce: Which One is Right for You?

Shopify is for users who don’t want to deal with a complex set up process and need premium support. It guarantees a smooth ride at the cost of a monthly subscription.

Woocomerce can go hand in hand with Shopify and come out on top due to its intrinsic flexibility. However, its set up is a bit more complicated, and it will need you to get your hands dirty. It is suitable for those who have an affinity for open-source software.

Shopify vs. WooCommerce.: Payment Choices and Transaction Fees

Shopify charges 2% per transaction if you use a third-party gateway. But then, you can still reduce this by upgrading to a more upgraded and advanced Shopify plan or getting rid of them entirely by using Shopify Payments. 

On the other hand, Woocomerce got its big plus because it doesn’t require its transaction fees when using a third party payment gateway. You can also use bank payments and PayPal payment methods if selling a high range and volume of products.  

Shopify vs. WooCommerce: In Terms of SEO

Shopify achieves a wide variety of SEO plugins in its App Store. The available SEO booster can help you scan your market and fix problems that might cause your performance problems. It can also add necessary SEO information in your store. 

Meanwhile, Woocomerce is built-in using optimized SEO code and is affiliated with WordPress and its tremendous and impressive SEO plugins range. You can still dig deep and add complete information and names to your pages and sites to show Google what they are like. 


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